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  Updated: 25 April 2012
Tinker Too

35' Holman 'Rummer' Yawl


Tinker, having become a little tired and suffering the results of various modifications and a few years of reduced maintenance, underwent a thorough refit during 2006/7. Her garboards and three strakes above were splined to re-form the caulking seams and the ballast keel was re-bedded on two layers of live mastic with a pitch gaskit in between and fastened with new keel bolts. Her rudder had been repaired and modified to such an extent that she ended up with an over-sized blade which was warped, the result being that she carried an extremely heavy helm. We went back to basics and made a new rudder from the original drawings.



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  Old Over Sized Rudder New rudder in the making New rudder fitted Splining seams  
    Rummer yawl, Tinkatoo at sea